Our Vision

At Bethel Revival Church we strive as a church that is actively loving God and loving people. Spiritual growth never stops. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we would love to help you reach your potential through these simple steps. As a church,

  • We ‘connect’ to God and others in worship and prayer
  • We ‘grow’ through fellowship and discipleship
  • We ‘serve’ in the Church by doing ministry
  • We ‘proclaim’ Christ to the world through evangelism and mission


Our greatest desire is to help you in forming a faith-connection with Jesus Christ, based who He is and what He has done. Secondly, we wish to encourage you to live in connection with each other as we live out our faith on a daily basis. Connect’ speaks of the importance of worship, prayer and loving others in Christ.
We desire to see our church connecting on three levels: The UPWARD connection: With Jesus; The INWARD connection: With Each Other; The OUTWARD connection: With Our Neighbor. We believe that church connects people to each other and to Christ as we encourage, build up and love one another.


GROW speaks of the importance of spiritual health. When we talk about spiritual, we are talking about the Spirit’s work on our lives, Spiritual is “of the Spirit.” We allow the Spirit to work, bringing about this transformation by the renewing of our minds. So spiritual formation, being made, conformed to the image of Christ, most simply put, is the Holy Spirit making us more like Jesus. However, our responsibility is that we have to open ourselves up and allow him to do that work in us.
We grow best when we are committed to a daily time with God, studying His Word, and by experiencing Christian community with other believers for further Bible study and encouragement. Our goal is to offer and encourage a variety of settings to facilitate growth in the lives of this spiritual family, from the youngest to the oldest.
Some examples of these settings would be weekly Worship, Cell Groups, baptism Classes, Children’s’ and Youth Ministry, Special Needs Ministry, and monthly fasting and prayers, so that our congregation can grow in wisdom, knowledge, faith, mercy, and love.


‘Serve’ speaks of the importance serving each other with our gifts in Church. We want to serve those around us – both within our walls and without. First Church does not exist for ourselves but for the good of those in need around us. Every believer is called to respond to grace by using our God-given talents and resources to serve Jesus, rather than ourselves.
While we use our gifts, we need to trust in the Giver, not the gifts alone. We are also called to serve in love and compassion, because we are the recipients of God’s undeserved love and compassion. We serve others in love, not so God will love us, but because he has already set his love on us in such generous ways.


‘Proclam’ speak of the importance of bearing witness to Jesus Christ in our community and beyond. We are called to proclaim the gospel individually and collectively in the midst of a broken and hurting world. We must be determined to go & proclaim into the world and not wait on the world to come to us! Our greatest joy is sharing the life-changing story of God’s love with others.
We encourage our believers to become a missionary within this broken world. He calls us out of darkness to be a “kingdom of priests” who minister, on his behalf and in his name, within the Church and the World, whether to believers or unbelievers. This allows his Grace and Kingdom to flow into the lives of others.